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Level 1XL Jute Leg Sleeve


The Level 1 XL size sleeves are approximately 31″ tall, and offer enough room inside the sleeve that the foot can easily be slid down through the sleeve after the Velcro closure has already been secured.  This is a classically sized, general use leg sleeve that can also be pulled up an arm and across the chest to teach inner arm or chest biting.

Being as this is a Level 1 sleeve, it has a less stiff padding construction than the Level 3 sleeves, and therefore provides a slightly smaller diameter around the leg than a Level 3 sleeve.

The Level 1 sleeves feature a single strip of double width, high quality Velcro for a tenacious hold that can still be released somewhat more quickly than the ultra solid ladder pattern Velcro of the Level 3 sleeves.

This sleeve is covered in a high-quality jute material exactly like that used in the Belgian Ringsport program.

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