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Level 1 Belgian Style Jute Leg Sleeve


The Belgian style leg sleeve is approximately 27″ in height, and fits the decoy’s leg snugly.  This close fit around the leg makes it very difficult for the dog to use a shallow grip to pinch out material, and forces the dog to bite fully into the grip.  Ensuring that grip includes leg of the decoy.

The Level 1 Belgian Leg Sleeve provides a challenging biting surface that promotes full biting over the leg of the decoy as the young dog progresses from puppy sleeves to full sized leg sleeves.  The outer surface of the padding layers is not as firm as the Level 3 leg sleeves though, so the biting surface is softer, and smaller in diameter.  This makes the Level 1 Belgian leg sleeve a productive transitional step toward the most challenging leg biting surfaces.

The Level 1 sleeves feature a single strip of double width, high quality Velcro for a tenacious hold that can still be released somewhat more quickly than the ultra solid ladder pattern Velcro of the Level 3 sleeves.

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