Level 2 Jute Puppy Leg Sleeve


The Level 2 Puppy Leg Sleeve is a step up from the Level 1 Puppy Leg Sleeve, for when a young pup has graduated to a slightly more challenging builder of jaw strength, with padding that is approximately twice as thick. This leg sleeve is normally intended for puppies from 10-12 weeks and up, to the point where the pup is ready to move up to a biting experience that is more challenging yet.

This sleeve features secure double-width Velcro closure on the back, and a D-ring on the inside of the front in case the trainer would like to attach a line to it for tugging with the pup after the sleeve is slipped.

This puppy leg sleeve utilizes proprietary jute material that is woven in house at Seynaeve from the finest jute thread available anywhere in the world.  It features a combination of threads per inch and thread tension during weaving that is designed specifically for use in puppy sleeves.  In this way, pups can be given the best possible introduction to the jute biting surface, with the lowest possible chance of the pup snagging a tooth in the jute fibers that some other jute can cause.

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