A relative newcomer to the French Ringsport field, Seynaeve Dogsport has incorporated their well-established top quality materials and construction techniques developed for Belgian Ringsport, with superior design for French Ringsport.   The Seynaeve competition suit for French and Mondio Ring is being embraced by many of the top French Ringsport and protection sport decoys in the United States.

Speed and Endurance with Protection:

The Seynaeve competition bitesuits for French Ringsport and Mondio Ring foster speed of movement and endurance, while providing a surprisingly high level of protection.



Durability and Safety:

Another fantastic attribute of the Seynaeve bitesuit is the combination of durability the materials provide along with a biting surface that is very safe for the dogs.   The Seynaeve materials are among the very best in terms of these combined attributes.

Custom Construction:

Seynaeve bitesuits are 100% custom made to your measurements and desired use.   We work with you to obtain an accurate set of measurements, which are indispensable, as well as determining what attributes of your suit are most important to you, such as a slightly closer fit for esquives, or a slightly looser fit for more speed endurance and protection. We provide that information to the maker so your suit is the closest possible match for your needs.

Turnaround Time:

Seynaeve is an efficient company, but also a very busy one due to the quality and value of their products.   However, recent changes in the methods of shipment used from Belgium to the USA dictate that larger quantities of merchandise are included in each order.  This means that turn around times can vary greatly depending on where your order falls in the cycle of accumulating the necessary volume of orders to comprise a shipment.  In general, most customers should experience a turnaround time between 6 and 12 weeks, and sometimes a bit in excess of that. 

Due to some of the various delays that have effected shipping times in the past, this really isn't a big difference from what customers have experienced in the past, and overall it turns out to be pretty normal for the waiting time a person experiences with most quality custom made bitesuits imported from Europe.  It's easy to claim shorter wait times, but it is extremely hard or impossible to consistently deliver on those claims.  Please give us a call for detailed information on current wait time.

Pricing and Colors:

The basic price of a Seynaeve Dogsport bitesuit from is $1,550 plus shipping from Michigan, up to $1,850 plus shipping for the top of the line, maximum protection Two-Tone Training Weight Kimono suit. Any available colors may be used on any portion of the suit that is defined by a natural seam without additional cost.  A diagram of the basic and two-tone color patterns for sleeves and legs is available to assist you in designing your color scheme.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the variability in the Euro to Dollar exchange rate.

Contact us:

For more information, call Thad at 517-668-1224 or at We look forward to helping you with your bitesuit needs!